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Multi mapping A.I. API for professionals

Many manage their own content but stay confronted to mapping IDs across suppliers.
You need an independent multi scenarios ID mapping tool working with your data.

With us, get the freedom of mapping outside of third parties pre-mapped ID table.
Our mapper / matcher / deduper service works with all suppliers.

Reduce cost & fast forward ID mapping

Use your existing lists, add static data or third parties & map them together.
Minimal mapping usage when updating (flat fee: 199€/month up to 100k rows)

First step is learning.
Our A.I. uses dictionaries. Data, word, noun, phrase or expression are learned in multiple languages. We add yours on demand.

step 1
Mapping separation
Natural Language Processing technology

Matching comes second.
After separation, you reconcile ambiguities. Acting as an amplifier our matcher component finds all options.

step 2
Matching similarities
The A.I. returns a match level of trust % per record

Dedupe comes last.
After sorting out ambiguities, the A.I. automatically groups-by options for similar & unique.

step 3
Dedupe ambiguities
Automated without complex options or setup

Multiple mapping scenarios

1 vs 1 - 1 vs list - list vs list - 1 & list vs database- 1 & list vs multiple databases
database vs database - database vs multiple databases - multiple databases all together. CSV & JSON.
A fresh inventory from scratch & automated inventory update across suppliers.

Returns a trust level % and finds all possible matches, sorting out ambiguities.

A new Natural Language Processing mapping technology aimed at precision.
Comes with a powerful API giving you direct control over your work.

Dynamically post lists to be matched without the need for a database.
all in 1 solution
a powerful API
high automation
smart & accurate


Fast forward your matching jobs.


Launch and forget your jobs. Monitor progress. Receive email notifications when done.


Concatenated data "one liner", partials, missing, discrepancies across lists. We get you covered.


95% directly matched with certainty. Best options always found for fast post bottom-up.


Works out of the box in most cases. If not, its just around the corner. EN - FR - DE - IT - SP supported.


Use the API & manage databases. A wide set of methods covering your needs. Coaching provided.


With personalized aggregated results. B2B production transparent funnel available.

Online tools

Use the online interface with your XLS lists

Upload data, launch & forget your deduplication & matching jobs.
Check progress online. Get email notification with result download link.
No hard learning curve. Our A.I. brings simplicity.

bulletpoint - Drag & drop

Drag & drop multiple XLS lists to process.

bulletpoint - Launch job

Select the method & lists & launch the match.

bulletpoint - Get result

Receive a clear & detailed XLS result by email.

Case study

A wide number of scenarios

bulletpoint Address dedupe

Match & dedupe your records across name, address, street, city, zip or other you might need. Partials, any data or existing fields can be mixed.

bulletpoint hospitality & rentals

Match by name, address, city, zip, location, phone, email or other. Multiple mapping methods available

bulletpoint suppliers list

Match your supplier IDs across type, chain, name, address, city, zip, location, area & many other. Create & update your inventory across X suppliers.

bulletpoint Table by references

The API has a special method where the result is a mapped table with sources as columns only containing the records references or IDs. A ready to be used indexed inventory by column.

bulletpoint Data mapping

Our NLP technology uses nouns dictionnaries. Any can be set for your business data domain. Extract content. Can run while you match or dedupe. Works across text & description.

bulletpoint Custom matching

We can customize you a tailor made big data mapping, matching process. Merge & enrich your content. Add post aggregation features or any development you might need.

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pay as you use

Launch & forget jobs - EN FR DE IT SP PT supported
Cost model by number of rows mapped per month.
Flat fee 199 € / month.

provided within below services:
no suppliers limit - map from zero - OTA, bed banks, rentals, local DMC, your XLS or any other source.
Comes with a powerful API giving you complete control over your work.

Mapping methods included:
1 vs 1, 1 vs list, list vs list, 1 & list vs database, 1 & list vs multiple databases
database vs database, database vs multiple databases, multiple databases all together. CSV & JSON.

Ask us about custom volumes, small or large, one shot, we accomodate every needs.
  • Up to 100k rows
  • flat fee/month: 199 €
  • Up to 500k rows
  • flat fee/month: 199 €
  • Up to 1M rows
  • flat fee/month: 199 €
  • Up to 2M rows
  • flat fee/month: 199 €
  • Up to 4M rows
  • flat fee/month: 199 €
  • starts at
  • flat fee/month: 199 €

About us

Who we are
We are coming from the hospitality industry and have an extensive experience in complex mapping & matching technics. We have decided to offer our services to more markets.
How we do it
With a cutting edge, software as a service and a new Natural Language Processing technology, we can process matching & de-duplication jobs of any kind.
Why we do it
With NLP A.I. skills along side with deep understanding of big data management problematic, we aim to change the way the data matching works for the better.
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